Brigitte E. Lifschitz, LCSW presented on Sunday, May 3rd, 2015, a didactic and experiential introduction to the use of Ericksonian hypnosis in psychotherapy with clients with depression. It was offered under the auspices of the  NY Milton H. Erickson Society for Psychotherapy and Hypnosis (NYSEPH) . 

Depression is one of the most prevalent mood disorders in general. It can be difficult to treat and resolve. Depression can come about after a major loss, from negative expectations and ongoing guilt feelings. Hypnosis is a very valuable tool for shifting an on going negative belief system to a more positive and optimistic outlook on life.

I utilize Ericksonian hypnosis, EMDR and EFT in my work with clients who suffer from ongoing depression. I encourage my clients to search for activities that interest them and encourage more social interaction. In addition,  I find that it is important to find the source of the dark feelings and pessimistic view of the world for inner healing to occur.