Finding Lost Object

Have you ever come home and misplaced your keys or your phone? You look around frantically for them but they are nowhere in sight! Now you feel panic and don’t know what to do. This is where self- hypnosis can help you. First, you bring yourself to a calm place. It is in this frame of mind that you need to do a thorough search of every known and unexpected place you may have put the lost object. You can suggest to your unconscious that something can occur to you that will be helpful in finding your keys or phone. Self-hypnosis can stimulate your unconscious to communicate something to you which could be instrumental in your remembering what you did with the object.

One evening I could not find my keys. I looked everywhere they should or could have been, with no results. After a moment of panic, I used self-hypnosis to calm myself down and then searched in a relaxed fashion every place they should have been. I still did not find them. Instead of becoming totally anxious about it, I decided to spend the next hour or so doing things totally unrelated to the search for the keys. I also suggested to myself that something from my unconscious would give me an idea of where to look. It would probably be in an unusual place.

Two hours later, I thought about what I might automatically do with my keys when coming home. I usually throw them in a drawer in my foyer. So, the idea came to me that I might have put them in another drawer, where they would never ordinarily be. I looked in my desk drawer and sure enough, there they were. Why I put them there is a mystery, but my unconscious mind gave me the idea to look in an unusual place.

Of course, if the object were lost elsewhere, chances are they are really gone.